11:11 Reflection


You glance at the clock to check the time and there it is, again and again 11:11

Even if you don’t take any interest in anything spiritual, or cosmic, whether you are a believer in a creator or not, you still can’t help but pause when you see it and your curiosity is sparked.

Why do I keep seeing 11:11 when I look at the time?

Consciously you just know it’s something that you should probably pay attention to, and sub consciously there’s probably a lot going on that you aren’t aware of.

But what does it really mean? I hear it from people all the time and I often see articles cross my path explaining it’s meaning – or someone’s interpretation of what they believe it to mean. At it’s core, it is the same for everyone, but on the surface it is different for everyone.

I’ve seen 11:11 quite a lot too over the years, I find it’s in spurts. I haven’t seen it for some time now except for once about a week ago. Previous to that I saw it almost daily for a few weeks, then not at all again, and so the pattern goes.

I drafted a Blog some time ago, maybe it’s been a year, and didn’t publish it because I felt my information wasn’t quite right, but it also wasn’t incorrect at the same time. I felt it just wasn’t complete I guess, so I left it for the time being. I’d written it because I’d had a client who while under hypnosis said it represented the 2 DNA strands, and that when someone sees 11:11, it subconsciously triggers a response within the DNA to cause some activation of parts that have been dormant, like an awakening of something new. That awakening can be anything, anything at all… like realising that smoking isn’t really doing anything for you and you just don’t see a purpose in doing any more, or that you no longer want to associate with someone – that you’re not really wanting to have their negativity around you anymore.


I felt this DNA interpretation was interesting, and no doubt true for the client, so following the session when I had some quiet time, I “felt” into 11:11 afterwards and I received something different again, or perhaps it was building on what I’d heard through this session and this was the basis of my original written piece that I never shared.

Now recently I had another client who’s subconscious began talking about 11:11 and the explanation put everything into place so that I understood that it was actually all correct.

I felt like this information was like the root of it, and branches of the fact ring true for people in different ways. That’s why both what my earlier client said and what I wrote originally was correct. It was just more specific to particular people.

So without waffling on too much, below is a direct transcript of the latest session so you can get all the information as it came through. I will talk a little more afterwards and add my original 11:11 blog. You can see how these were connected for me:

Client Subconscious: 11:11 is a mirror

Me: It’s a mirror for everyone?

SC: Yes. It is a symbol, it’s not a time of day. It finds an opportunity to see yourself. Everything that you want to see and everything that you do not.

M: so you’re saying when people see that number… is that for everyone? (yes). So when people see that number it’s like a subconscious triggering of something?

SC: It’s ultimate opportunity to stand in your truth.

M: Lots of people say they see it

SC: It’s a guide, it’s a messenger, it is every opportunity.

M: so when people see that, what should they do to get the most out of it?

SC: Reflect, reflect. Check in with yourself immediately. What are you thinking, what are you feeling, what are you desiring? All of it. Let it show you who you are, hence the mirror. Let it show you and have the courage to look.

The clearer we are and the more in our truth we are, the more we ascend not for ourselves but for all.

M: Some people have suggested that seeing the 11:11 is like seeing the 2 DNA strands?

Is that something? like a subconscious activator?

SC: if it helps them to get to where they need to be, they can perceive it whichever way suits their higher purpose

M: so it could mean different things for different people. but its got to be that self reflection (YES)

I guess bc 11 reflects 11

SC: yes. it is looking at itself.

So there it is, one simple explanation that can mean a different thing to everyone that sees it.

Since hearing this I have seen 11:11 once, and I paused to reflect on what was happening at the time – what I was thinking, who I was with, what we were talking about, how I was reacting. Then I reflected on my reaction. I understood why I was being pulled up to look at myself in that situation, I understood and I accepted.

Equally interestingly, following this enlightening bit of information I also noticed when 11:11 had passed by and I missed seeing it. I checked the time and it was 11:16, so I decided to reflect again anyway in the same way. What was I doing, thinking, conversation/interaction… what was happening that I didn’t get a tap on the shoulder from my messenger to look at the time at 11:11? I didn’t need to reflect, to look at myself so something was going right. I’m doing something right, hooray. Even writing this blog, I started at around 10:45am and the next time I looked up was 11:42.


Now here, I’m going to be brave and add my previous blog below. As I mentioned earlier, it is more specific to a topic but I’m prepared to share it anyway now that I have had the above 11:11 information confirmed. They work together, they explain each other. It felt correct, but it didn’t feel complete in a broad/ universal sense. Perhaps it was for me in particular, along with the curiosity I’d had about religions.

I grew up with a strong catholic background, particularly my aunties were heavily submerged in Catholicism and urged my parents to follow the traditions. My parents had us go to Sunday school, I did my Holy Communion, we learnt the prayer and attended some important church services. One thing that stands out to me as a child is the fear I felt inside a church. It was gloomy, eerie and everyone behaved so solemnly which I could not understand. It’s like they became different people in a church, like that’s the way they thought God wanted them to act, like a drone. Gloomy, not talking, not laughing, and singing in such a monotone the people to me resembled brainwashed drones with no life. It’s such a bizarre thing it does to people – the church. I was afraid the entire time was inside a church – afraid I’d think a bad thought, afraid I’d say the wrong thing, that I didn’t do everything exactly right, in the right order. Unknown.jpeg

I was so afraid when I went to confession – alone with a priest – before doing my holy communion that when the priest asked if I’d done anything wrong I just nodded. He said maybe you’ve lied to your parents? I nodded. Maybe you were naughty at school? I nodded. I could not utter a work, I could not look at him. My body and mind were frozen with fear.

Those teachings stay with you, because you are so impressionable as a child and the core values you are taught stay with you. Now that I look back so many years later, I am understanding it in an altogether new light again. Years of soul searching throughout my adult life led me to denouncing my Catholic faith, in fact, any religious faith. But it was a tricky thing, because I always believed in a creator, but my ideals of that creator were nothing what religions taught. Mine was one on one with the creator direct. I went to different faiths as an adult, different churches, even a spiritual church and none of them felt right. In the end I turned to me, within. This is what I believe is happening around the world today. Events are the way they are so that people question what’s happening in their world, what religions are doing to people and our lives and they become so emotionally affected that they look within.

The journey led me to where I am now, a past life hypnotist. During my own past life regression and also during meditations, I’d pieced together a past life that explained quite a lot about myself and my inner fears.

I know I’d been burnt at the stake by those religious leader. I know what I was arrested for, I know what they did to me trying to get me to confess that I was a witch, I saw myself looking out at all the townsfolk’s faces as I the fire blazed underneath me, the crowd so accepting of such barbarism. I know once they wanted to get rid of you, they made ridiculous rules so that either way, you were going to die. So here I was, born into a Catholic family, taken back into that institution, that very religion, those corrupt people. My fear was from my memories.

So when I felt into 11:11 some months back to see what it felt to me, you will notice my interpretation is based on religious beliefs. So yes, correct for me and perhaps others. It just wasn’t the right time to publish until the above interpretation was also presented to me.

I’d sometimes wonder if I’d be born into my next life and have to deal with religion again. It was tiring just the thought of going through it again because it was such a long road. Even when I’d begun studying and practicing past life hypnosis, there was a niggling fear of uncertainty underlying it all. Am I doing something evil, am I being deceived, what of evil spirits, what of possession, will God punish me? All these I’ve slowly worked through and I now fear nothing. Nothing can hurt us, nothing wants to hurst us, we put our own limitations on ourselves, we always hold the power. It’s like that with all things we experience, we don’t need to repeat lessons unless we didn’t learn from them. This is why we have nothing to fear. Our fears are based on our past experiences, whether this life or previous lives. If they have impacted us so much, then we have experienced that situation and absorbed everything about it, so we don’t need to go through it again. Therefore ironically, the thing we deeply fear is the thing we don’t need to fear.

Previous 11:11

When someone is at a particular point during their evolution, certain new parts which have been dormant need to be re-activated in order to continue forward. They are dormant because that allows a genuine experience to play out.

What is it like to have a life with legs that are not usable?

To experience that in authentic truth, the ability to use the legs is completely removed. Then an accurate existence in such a state is experienced. There is no temporary block, or state, as far as the person in question is concerned. Their whole hearted truth is that the legs will never work, because they cannot. This is their truth.

DNA are buttons that can be switched on and off which allows such diverse physical bodies to manifest. The DNA in the vessel in which you are to have a life in is activated to accurately resemble or reflect the life you are about to experience. What is this next life’s purpose? What does the body need in order to fulfil the purpose and lesson? No life is random and no lifetime is wasted. Even a short life has lessons and a purpose.

Does this lifetime require a robust immune system because the focus will be on something different? Where disease, illness or a weak body will hinder the life plan. Major health problems are not needed, for example, because a healthy body will free up the mind and body with minimal obstacles and limitations, allowing focus to maintain on the things that are important.

There are physical buttons that are standardly adjusted for birth, conception. The fertilisation of egg and drifter (sperm) is when this happens. The eggs are minuscule to us but they are a macrocosm and complex, yet not random. The correct drifter is guided to, and allowed to begin life, with the selected DNA activated. It is this drifter that will decide if an anomaly will prevail. The drifter will carry the activated button that will corrupt, if necessary the perfect egg and it’s buttons will allow, disallow, enhance, weaken, block, alter, whatever the vessel will need for that life. That is why a soul chooses parents long before it is born. The soul will be with parents for months, years before the time is right to enter into earth life.

DNA can be altered during a life although this is unlikely and unusual for physical difference. However it can and does alter as life progresses in terms of emotional, mental changes which occur during or following lessons. A shift in thinking can and does change the vessel. It can change the physical, mend the body, which is a DNA alteration. The body follows the button’s orders. This occurs when an alignment of mind and spirit is reached, and the body naturally follows. Hence the same as previous, the chakras are reflective of the self. A change in these energy centres is a change in thinking, altering DNA to allow mending, not by energising energy centres alone.

Likewise, when the self comes to a time when the thinking is requiring an alteration, a trigger to allow the change to be performed will present itself in the form of a change in appetite, or desire for fitness and so on.

Hence the trigger currently being experienced by many is a realisation that the self is the one. The repeated sightings of 11:11 are One, One: One, One.

4 Ones also represent the four corners that come together.

The visual result of repeating the symbol 11:11 over and over are mentally drawing the DNA strands. Each time one sees 11:11, the strands lengthen. The exhilaration the soul feels each time it sees one one one one, it lifts and twirls in jubilation, forming a complete spiritual replica of the twirling DNA strands.

Each 11:11 sighting is a stronger belief and confirmation, beginning gently and strengthening over time with more sightings. The sightings are in accordance with the acceptance of the individual and at their pace. There is no sudden jolt out of the God/Deity program, for example unless it is the best, most effective way for that individual. It is as gentle as it needs to be. Each vision of 11:11 is an inner/ deep confirmation that the soul will recognise because it was agreed that seeing this will be the subconscious trigger and confirmation. The deep soul recognises 11:11 is something special. The inner excitement at the sightings determines the speed with which the DNA is activated, and the thinking that goes with it. We were shown this 11:11 prior to birth so we all have a spark that ignites when we see the confirmation that we are on the right track, and it is ok to accept the “one” belief safely. No religious persecution will follow and no fear needs to be held onto about the teaching we have all endured over the centuries. It is safe for us to release our religions, and Gods, and know that at the very top, we are all equal. There is no ruler. We are one.

The reason for DNA activation at this realisation is that it is a confirmation to the soul and self that it has reached a desired outcome. DNA is activated because it means the religion program is completed by the individual, and therefore there are no more lessons required either in this life, or any other that involve a submerged belief in a religious structure. You have achieved what is being termed enlightenment and it is a permanent activation that will carry through lifetimes. Those who have activated this button in DNA will not be required to do so again in subsequent lifetimes. The knowledge that the self is a strong, powerful being, not bigger or better, neither lesser or below that of any other existing life. All are equal, and the knowledge the self has now gained is permanent. Fear not. A new life, new incarnation will not erase this awakening. It is not to be taken away in future lives.

The sharing between people of their 11:11 sightings is also joyous because we are seeing large numbers of people awakening, and you are all able to share your celebrated news of your achievement, and the inner soul understands the magnitude of living through, and conquering the belief that there is a God above you. That you are not a sinner and you are not insignificant.

There are those who are still having lessons in this program but we are almost all done. It is perhaps one more generation before a complete shift. The growing number of individuals who are finished with the program is going to increase and will help those still in the depths to ignite a spark, and the increasing energy will help them also shift.


Sleep info via channelling

Here are some random bits of information I’ve had come through about sleep and helping people get more. Each time I read this I get more out of it. This is unedited and unaltered from when it came through. Hope you enjoy and get something out of it.

Direct your intentions. We want the world to sleep.

Me: Why is it so important that people sleep? Why do you want it?

Metatron: People create when they dream. We talk, they hear sub conscious. That’s what dreaming/resolving is. Too much turmoil within heads – individuals.

We come in they don’t even know.

Unresolved makes anxiety. Lack of sleep causes anxiety causes to can’t sleep.

Sleep opens channels of communication but they don’t know. Much happens while you sleep. It’s very important.

Because we are disconnected we need to feel connection and that happens during sleep on a subconscious level. We don’t know it’s happening but we feel the effects. If we don’t sleep we don’t feel connected to life, to others, to the creator and to our spirit friends who are our partners on the other side. This leads to subconscious separation feeling which results in depression. It can all be fixed with proper sleep. That’s why this is so important.

When you have the intention to connect to greater life that is and that surrounds us, the brain and mind obeys.

This is the visualisation.

Sleep affects appetite and the zest with which you value and nourish your life with both food and attitude. There is a concern for lost souls, that don’t hear us nor feel us because we don’t have time to come through.


Different things will work for different people but they commonly need to quieten the mind.

The mind has the intention, the heart is what connects.

Top of head is communication – can be used to bring external light in  and it is only done so with the approval of the person. My channel is open but nothing will enter without my ok. It is protected like that. I do not invite what I do not want, and it will not go against my will.

(there are some cultures that have a custom to never touch the top of children’s heads)

(people invite white light in through top of head while doing chakra meditations, I have a separate blog on this topic).

Me: does dreaming = creating?

A: You create when you dream, closer to creator. Creating = creative.  Even if not creative in the world, you are in dreams. Co-creative with others.

Uses dormant parts? Or goes dormant? (not sure of the details of this statement)

Dreams are a non judgemental arena for creativity. Can have glimpses of beauty beyond life. Some people sleep ok but not enough.

Become aware of mind and activity. Don’t ignore the mind/brain. Know it so you can control it.

Get to know which parts work when. Control by intention, quieten.

Wiring in brain during sleep. Firing between neurons. Happens throughout life.

As you learn more, you’re ready to learn more. Connections are made to enable understanding.

Healing at base of skull?

As a child we get enough sleep.

Wiring for/or as personal development/evolution happens. So not enough sleep can result in inadequate wiring activation – so you don’t understand or grow, or move on.

Wiring = understanding = message heard = repair health

Not everyone affected by these is caused from lack of sleep, but those that come will be affected by one or more and they need to recognise they need the 8 hours for the full health and wellness benefit.

Children struggle with lack of sleep as they don’t have the maturity to mask symptoms.

What first to do?

During dreaming/sleep connect to our star, feel free. Was seen as magical. In history during very grounded and tribal groups, dreamtime was given great importance because it connected us to ancestors and the greater universe. Much knowledge came through dreams. It is a way to feel connected, not forgotten.

We rewire to what you can handle and understand

Gateway to spirit is through top of head.

Dreaming is creating.

Intention. Listen through heart, not third eye.

Healing takes place during sleep.

Maintain good health. Things are healed (or repaired) if it’s not a message – if it is just an environmental factor. This, if not given the chance for maintenance can accumulate into more prominent manifestations, leading to ill-health. Much work and repair is carried out during a peaceful sleep.The body cannot be repaired and healed while in turmoil. Things flow better during rest on cellular level. Tensions inhibit flow in the body.

Stop bringing in white light

Channelled / Intuitive writing. 14 August, 2016.

In the past I haven’t shared any information I get directly because I always doubted myself and whether the context was right. I used to write it down and do nothing with it until I was able to confirm it’s content via my clients during the Higher Self part of their hypnosis sessions. I’m not going to worry about confirming any more. Whatever I get I will just share because it’s always proven correct anyway and I can feel the push to just put it out there. There have been times I have tried to re-word the messages but it’s so much better in it’s original form so here it is, exactly as I wrote it on the night. When I read over what I write I seem to get something new out of it each time so I hope you do too.

Note: Text in (brackets) was not part of the channelling, but what I’ve added later when typing here.

You will never be shown anything that gives you fear.

Top of head for communing (communicating). Bringing in white light is different. It’s empty. It’s how you connect with others. White light does not connect. It inhibits connection, communing. White lights blocks and keeps out. People need to stop.

The light is within, the true light. The top head channels through between beings. It’s the communication tunnel. It’s blocked in many who seek it to be opened. The beam of white light also blocks the light within. It’s synthetic, it limits.

Chakras or energy points work from within. Tune into them individually. Feel them. They spin – purple, pulsate – blue, radiate – gold, swirl – red, glow – yellow, solid ball – orange, spiky star – green.

That’s why best communing is sitting upright, erect. Need to get this out there.

Depression in people who are trying to connect but doing wrong. You are/we are balls, spheres. Don’t draw a dividing line through or you will always be caught in dual-ity. Be a complete, one being. Your light is within. People block their communing in the top of head before sleep by bringing in white light. This hinders the sleep connection. (This is something that I teach people in my insomnia talks and downloadable package. We need to properly connect during sleep, lack of “correct” connection  and sleep results in depression and anxiety as explained in my workshop. Links are from my Facebook and website http://www.quantumsleep.com.au)

Chakras don’t need work or attention. They just are. Reflective of the self.

To feel as though enhancement of a chakra is progressive is actually a change within due to taking time to ponder. To acknowledge something needs attention. A chakra just is. A change in the chakra is a response to a change in self, not the other way around. That’s why people feel they need to work on their chakras, but they need to pay attention to themselves and the messages coming from within.

Care not what others are doing, not all are ready to accept this. They are striving for perfection when they already are. There is no perfect way to be. Just be. That is perfection. Stop dividing life into light/dark, left/right. You are all whole and complete and exactly as one should be at each point in time.

White light is division, it’s combat. It’s used as cleansing and for protection but not for internal use. It wipes, erases, blocks.

Nothing has power over you. Nothing to fear. All power is in your choice. All the influence available can fill the room urging you to go left, but the power to do so is yours and yours only. You are just as easily able to go right, because the power to do so is yours alone. There is nothing to fear that you will be forced to go left.

Tingle at top of head is not nits. It’s opening communication.

White light not for healing. Coloured lights.

Use electric charge colours, like a spark. Like different type of welding rods for different materials, so with colours and the body and it’s parts. “Feel” the colour that is needed, you will know.

(To me):

Make sure you do your thing and disregard everything else you might see. You need to not be influenced and then the knowledge can flow from me. Just separate and don’t be afraid to put it out there. Some will take, some will not and that’s ok. It’s new and it needs to come to people’s awareness. It’s just you and that’s enough. We will guide people to it.

(I asked about an intense pain I get occasionally, it worries me. Answer:)

When seeking healing or reason for the need for it, don’t focus on the pain, listen to me. You cut off the commune by focusing on the area/pain. You couldn’t hear me. Ask with your heart and listen.

It’s pressure from an old injury. It swells when you need to be reminded to look after your body. It won’t be taken away but it’s controllable by healthy diet. You must nourish well. When you get the pain you want to eat well, you promise yourself in that moment you’ll feed your body but you forget, so it will stay. It’s not dangerous or life threatening. It’s a reminder.


(I had a vision once where I saw that all our “imperfect” lives together form a perfect sphere. It’s the knowledge of all life has to offer – good and evil. Both equally important. A life as an thief for example is just as valuable in forming the complete, whole sphere that is you. I may get more on this in the future.)

Weight and it’s emotional cause

One of the most common things I get asked from clients is about weight. It seems that no matter what diet, or lifestyle changes they try, lots of people struggle getting to their desired size.

After having several clients who had questions for their subconscious about how to lose that extra weight or why they struggle with it, I took to the QHHT practitioners forum where we discuss all things that might arise with clients, sharing messages and advice.

I asked out of curiosity if anyone has had any success with weight loss using this technique. No-one that saw my post had.

Some practitioners who also do the traditional hypnotherapy – the habit changing kind said they had more success with that technique. So, I got thinking and investigating. I listened to the recordings of those who had messages from their higherselves, and I’m sharing them here. Why? Because the message is always the same and people forget that excess weight is not always treatable exclusively by physical means only – you also need to address the underlying emotional and mental cause.

The higher self refers to extra weight as putting layers on. One layer, then another, then another. And it is always to “protect” yourself from getting hurt. Think back to when you began gaining weight – what was going on at the time?

What we have to remember with any health/body issue, again, is that it is a message. Whatever the thought or emotions are, the body will manifest. In understanding that, excess weight is the body “obeying” the mind and spirit, that it “doesn’t want to get hurt again”. The body knows what the person wants to avoid, so it sets into motion the means by which to avoid that happening again.

Now, I have to say that these are not my words and I hope that no-one takes this as a judgement that they are not beautiful or attractive if they have more weight than the next person, or that anyone else thinks that. I am simply intending this as helpful mind/spirit insight which has been a consistent message with every client.

In short, the body thinks, “to avoid getting hurt again, we need to be unattractive so that no-one wants to get close, and then it won’t happen again”.

Let’s take an example. A person who has been sexually abused as a child may think (or had thought) to themselves (either consciously or subconsciously) these type of thoughts – “If I wasn’t so attractive then maybe they wouldn’t have targeted me” or “maybe if I was uglier they would have left me alone”. Again, this is in no way suggesting any vanity. It may be one of the many thoughts going through a child’s confused, maybe subconscious mind – or any person for that matter – who is trying to come to terms with an unpleasant situation.

Many clients that I have seen who do struggle with weight have a history of being hurt as a child, or as an adults after painful relationships ending. Sometimes they can also be with family members. Many emotional problems stem from a parent. Both these may cause the thoughts – “I must be ugly”, “I wasn’t a cute adorable child”, “I am not loveable”, “I’m not good at relationships”, “I’m not desirable enough to keep someone faithful” etc etc. You get the idea.

Remember that no-one is perfect. Parenting is a hard job. And whoever the perpetrator was, they clearly had their own issues and anger towards them will only hurt you.

So what’s my advice?

I always say face the situation – any situation. Look at it even if it is painful. You will know if you are ready to do that.

Firstly, if it is a childhood issue, close your eyes and think to how you used to feel when in the thick of it, or after a confrontation. Visual your adult self giving your younger self a hug, spend some time transferring some loving emotions. Then say some words of encouragement out loud. “You are beautiful in every way. You have done nothing wrong to have made this happen. This is not your fault. etc”

Next, it is important to step back and try to understand that there is a reason it happened. Often there is a past life interaction resurfacing as I have discovered with lots of clients. It is not always necessary to have a past life session though, but keep the option in mind. As hard as this may be, try to understand that situations like that happen because of a previous agreement before incarnation. I always say that you agree to the life you are living before you come.

If you can embrace this then you can heal, because accepting that you agreed to go through it on a higher level (even though you may not understand it fully) means that you can face it, and ask “What did I learn, what did that teach me?”.

Following that, you can release yourself by releasing the “villain” from his/her role. On a higher spirit level, they agreed to play that person so you can have the unpleasant experience. If you can find it in yourself, imagine yourself growing large and powerful spiritually and say “I thank you for the lessons you have helped me learn. I no longer need you or to be reminded of the situation. I release you from your role with love.

Lastly I would suggest releasing the pain of the memory from your cells. Say out loud. “Attention body, this is God. All is well. I embrace love and do not fear it. All relevant organisms and cells, I release you with love and thank you for your message. It has been heard and is no longer needed. Please make your way to the nearest exit.”

Then, when you have cleared it all up, live in the NOW. Yesterday doesn’t matter, tomorrow hasn’t happened. You are who you are because of everything you have experienced, so be grateful for your growth.

Make sure you surround yourself with people that compliment you, that encourage you, that share similar values or interests. Finally one more word from the higher self – “your weight will be what’s healthy and good for you”. This may mean that it could just fall short of your expectations or desired size/weight so have realistic goals.

Stop allowing the situation to control you and stop giving your power away. Start living every day for TODAY.

“Mother” Earth… Is she really a consciousness?

Mother Earth – Is she really a conscious being?

We always hear our planet being referred to as “mother earth”. I guess that is because the planet has everything we need so “she” is looking after us as a mother would. But is the planet really an energetic being… a soul, as many believe? She has been called all sorts of names including feminine names.

During a QHHT (Past life hypnosis) session, a client saw the structure of our solar system, universe and beyond. So one of the questions I asked was, is our planet a conscious being? Or a consciousness? I wanted to know if he could “tap” or “feel” into it, because is something that he would remember and would stay with with.


His response was one that surprised me because I had never heard it put this way:

“The earth is made up of ALL of our souls, not one. It is bound together because we are all here, and our souls are holding it together. If we were to all leave, the materials that make up the earth – the rocks, the dirt, water, would no longer hold and bind together, it would just separate and dis-integrate.” Law / or Lore of attraction is universal, even on a planetary level.

Further to the conversation, it became apparent that the former 5th planet between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system (sometimes referred to as Maldek or Phaethon, with possibly other names), that is now the asteroid belt was once a thriving planet which housed our souls a long time ago, before we inhabited Earth.

“It used to be mostly an aquatic existence and it came to a time that we needed to get out of the water”. So once everyone was done experiencing Maldek and all it had to offer, we all collectively decided to move on – to planet Earth. Souls exiting en mass from Maldek resulted in a non-cohesive bond and the planet ceased to exist as an orb, leaving behind a scattered mass of rock and debris floating around separately in it’s orbit.


To an onlooker this could well be mistaken for an explosion. It has been suggested by some that this once planet blew up a long time ago. Some theories speculate that it was by a massive asteroid, or the inhabitants destroyed it through their own weaponry or technology.

Following these revelations I asked whether there were other earth-like planets, or parallel universes as are sometimes suggested. I have often heard that for every decision you make to go left, on a parallel universe your same “other self” will go right. And those two decisions are both played out. This would mean that for every life decision every person makes there is a split into 2. I’ve never really given that too much thought because it just hurts my brain, but I know that from doing past life regressions, there are no co-incidences here, everything is pre planned.

So for example if your life plan for the particular lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime was to come here and be born to an un-loving dysfunctional family, with an alcoholic father, then marry an alcoholic also (to learn and understand why perhaps your mother found it hard to leave him and was the way she was), was choosing the alcoholic partner a coincidence or a choice? Were you always going to meet and be attracted to him? If yes, and that was the correct plan playing out, then what is the need for a parallel universe where you chose not to pursue a relationship with that partner? It seems that we have the illusion of choice, but were always going to make that choice, because that was the whole point and purpose of this life.

You, and the people throughout your life, plan everything before you come. Someone will be the villain, someone will be your partner which may end in a messy break up, your child may be born ill… everything is planned and agreed to by all parties for the purpose of experiencing whatever it is you want to learn. So it doesn’t particularly sit right with me that there is another life playing out where we didn’t meet that villain, and we didn’t marry that partner that was going to perhaps show us the destructiveness of violence.

“No,” my client said to my question if there are parallel universes, “Because there is no need for them. This existence right here is so rich that it is enough at this time. All of the attention throughout the universes is right here, everyone wants to be here. Everything you want to experience can be done here. ”.

So if a planet is only held together if it has inhabitants, what of the other planets in our solar system and beyond? Aren’t they void of life?

“Yes, there is life on other planets and many, many different races but they are all involved with this – right here! Every other planet holds life and energies that support the experiences we have here. A particular planet might have the purpose of governing the liver, and so it’s influence with it’s positioning and inhabitants do that task.”

Now I didn’t fully understand that concept, but what I guess it is, in essence, astrology? The inhabitants of planet x might have inhabitants that give the planet a particular vibration/energy and that will influence us here.

So if there are planets that affect/cause eg turmoil in your life, what of the beings on that particular planet? Are they “bad”?

“This is such a massive existence with trillions and trillions of souls. The life here is so rich, there are souls in all the plants and animals – and we are still not all here at the same time. We all take turns at each job throughout the galaxy, that is how we support this life and create the experiences we have. You will be and do everything. Everyone will have a turn at each planet, a being of every race in the universe.”

Fascinating perspective, I hope this has been some food for thought…

Chakras – Don’t Be a Rainbow, Be a Star!!

Shine your own light

Chakras…we’ve all heard of them. Some of us embrace them and all they stand to do for us with our health and wellness, while others couldn’t care less about balancing energies or whatever it is they are supposed to do.

At the end of the day, there are those who do not do any chakra work, and they are perfectly happy and healthy. And there are those who do it religiously and they can still be faced with ill health and emotional turmoil when life throws it’s hardship at them. So it begs an answer to the question, is the attention to chakras really all it’s cracked up to be?

Chakras are a major aspect of (and seem to be limited to) the new age movement. But if we pause and think about what it is literally doing, then maybe we would rethink whether it is in fact as beneficial as we think it is.

The glass pyramid image we are all familiar with – where the white light is coming in from the side, and as the light moves through the pyramid, it splits into a rainbow. Well, I guess in chakra terms,  the pyramid is the person, and the rainbow is the chakras. However, the order of colours in a rainbow we see in the sky are opposite to the chakra system… that would suggest we are really upside down!!?chakras

In new age (and I refer to this as another form of religion with prettier packaging) any class, meditation or workshop pretty much always begins with a visualisation that involves bringing light in through the crown chakra (or top of head), energises and brightens it, then moves on to the next, one at a time all the way down to the bottom chakra, then the light or energy is taken down into “Mother Earth” (and more on ‘Mother Earth” another time).

But, lets think about the mechanics…

In order for light to split into the rainbow it needs to refract. In scientific terms is to:

  1. slow down,
  2. to bend or change direction and
  3. it is still giving the individual’s power away to an external being, father figure or entity who is apparently better than us in some way.

While every new ager is talking about “enlightenment”, how is enlightenment going to be achieved when the individual is bringing in an external light from somewhere, deliberately slowing the light down, changing it’s direction and separating it, while still holding the belief that there is a higher power in control who sees us as lesser beings?light pyramid

The next natural progression is to realise that you have all the answers within. You, at the very highest level, are equal to the person next to you, and together we co-created this existence, but again, more on that another time.

If the sun is what powers us and our Little Blue Planet with all it’s life, is it better to just accept our own sun’s golden light, and allow it to do it’s thing – sit in the sun and feel it’s warm, see it’s light, feel it penetrating your skin and feel it do some healing?

Yes…, it is. This is our solar system’s life force and we know it is healthy to get sunlight.

Over a number of years I had sometimes felt a bit of an uncomfortable pressure right smack bang in the middle of my breast bone. I would feel it now and then and it was quite an unpleasant pain but not unbearable. Finally, with the work I do with past life regression and tapping into what messages ailments represent in people, I “felt into the pressure” to see what message it was trying to send.

What happened next was one of the most amazing moments. I felt like there was a black plug which looked just like the wax seals which were used for sealing letters pre sticky “moisten here” envelopes. A little confused I focused in on the plug, wondering if what I was perceiving was correct, when suddenly it burst open and a golden light emanated from it in all directions. Beautiful, shimmering strands of golden light.

Since then I have heard of many others who also no longer bring external light in, but instead bring their own light out. Essentially these people would look like suns. When you are ready to accept that there is no-one and nothing above you, you too will turn into a mini sun, maybe you already are and you don’t even know it.

Ghost Explains a Haunted House

Haunted house explained by a ghost during past life hypnosis…

What separates good and evil? At extreme ends of the scale it is clear, to most of us anyway, but where is the line? We can go about our daily life and some how, sometimes, without even trying, we can end up upsetting someone.

As a result, depending how offended or annoyed they get, that person can see us as a bad person with selfish or evil intentions, and they won’t usually consider whether what you did was right for YOU. The hundreds of lives that we experience have many challenges, so if a soul is to experience what it is like to be scared out of it’s mind by a ghost, then someone has to be the ghost, right?

haunted house

So when a client comes for a QHHT (past life) session, what would they get to help understand this? Well, they would go to a past life when they haunted a house of course!

Visiting several days in that past life, this particular person was always on her own while alive. She lived in a double storey timber home out on a secluded property and she knew others lived there, but she never saw them. They were “always off doing their own thing”.

Going forward to the last day of that life, she died alone sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch. When asked what happens next she said, “there are two people here, they want me to go with them… they look odd, I don’t want to go. I don’t trust them, I don’t know who they are…. Nope, I’m not going!”.

“So what do you do then?”

And in a burst of laughter she said as though a brilliant idea had popped into her head, “I’m going to go back to the house to haunt it!!” ha ha ha

In a later description, the two figures in her perception had the appearance as though they were lamps – almost like a frosted lightbulb but slightly yellow. They didn’t look natural, she said. They didn’t have faces or any details of clothing, they just looked like they were made of some transparent outer film and there was a lamp inside.

“What do you there to scare people?”

“oh, you know, slam doors, drop pictures… that sort of thing ha ha ha”. She couldn’t stop giggling throughout the session. It was comical to her the way that people reacted – the startling, the fear they had, looking around and seeing nothing. Loads of fun as far as she was concerned.

She stayed and frightened the residents for her own amusement for about 10 years, after which time she said they had all moved out. “It’s boring now, guess I’ll go” she said disappointed.

“Where do you go? Can you go anywhere?”

“No, I can’t just go anywhere, I either have to stay here or I have to cross over. Guess I’ll go, there’s nothing to do now.”

Next she found herself in a room with a number of people who had also recently crossed over. It was kind of a hang out place until you went on to the next place. She was chatting with a man sitting on a lounge and another standing beside them. There were others in the room having other conversations. She could see 2 doors at the end of the room. One door was closed, and the other was ajar but it looked a little dim in there, she knew she would eventually go through the open door. Was her character more comfortable with a lack of light?

She clearly enjoyed her time as a ghost, but we can only imagine what those living there would have thought.

Further to her questions, she was worried about being deceived – just as the churches teach…. the devil, angels, spirits, they all deceive you. She knew it didn’t quite add up but she just couldn’t work out how it all fit into a unified existence. Her accompanying message was: “you will just know if something is to be avoided or doesn’t feel right.”

If we are supposed to experience all there is to experience on this little blue planet, then we need to also be the perpetrators. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are evil, it means that we enjoy doing the thing that is bringing grief to others because that is a) our current experience, and b) our role for those who are also involved. As hard as it may be to accept, as the victims, there is a lot going on from our end too. I will talk more about this another time.

We can ask: Were the “lamp” people actually well intending angels there to give her the choice to be taken to “heaven”, or were they in fact a couple of characters masquerading as some sort of “light beings” (and doing a dodgy job of it), just pretending to be well intentioned? Again, it was her perception reflecting her own inner character at the time. Whatever the truth is, her truth was to avoid them and that is all that matters. Someone else’s truth may have been to be overwhelmed by their brilliance and love.

We always hear that fear is the lowest vibration, it is what can stop us from taking steps forward, from trying new things. It can be debilitating when you are caught in the grip of it.

If there is no fear of a poltergeist or a satanic evil being, then what are we afraid of. Would you change anything in your own life if you made the choice to not be afraid…?

Past life Hypnosis! What a fascinating thought…

Past lives and reincarnation.  What an absolutely fascinating topic. Has it ever crossed your mind? I always hear people say… “I think I must have been ……. in a past life”, so chances are that it has.

I feel quite privileged to say that I am a past life hypnosis practitioner. For many years I was interested in it, having seen a couple of lives myself while falling asleep. The understanding of the same people in the two lives is unquestionable and just knowing what happened had saved me in many ways. There is a bit of an awe around it, mystery, doubt, even fear. But now that I help people see their past lives regularly, I see it as such an elegant and beautiful system, perfect really, when you can view it from high above our 3D world.

Many of us were there during the inquisition eras when thousands of people were burnt at the stake, or worse. If it wasn’t us, it was a loved one, and the fear of persecution stemming from religious beliefs has carried forward with many of us. I even remember hearing during the early 1990’s a distrust of herbs… how ridiculous does that sound now that we are all turning towards natural therapies and more gentle ways of assisting our bodies in repairing and healing. I have even heard a pastor only recently say that if you avoid a disaster because you are shown in a dream that something “bad” will happen then that was Satan posing as an angel. Yes, the fear instilled by churches over the centuries is still deeply embedded in our psyche. If someone for example was burnt at the stake for reading books, would they now perhaps have dyslexia as a subconscious fear of reading?

While some clients come simply out of curiosity, many come because of very real and debilitating problems – health problems, emotional problems, relationship problems, just general life problems. Everyone can benefit from having a session, you just can’t comprehend the impact it has to simply know what has happened to you, sometimes with the people around you now.

I have had people go to their own birth, to when they were an animal, when they haunted a house, when they were poisoned by a family member. I even had someone go to before the universe was created – now there is some stuff I want to share!

oh, and lastly you may ask – what is the purpose of many lives?

We are here to experience everything that this planet has to offer… EVERYTHING. This includes being wealthy, powerful, poor, dying young, dying old, being a victim, being the perpetrator. If you pause for a second to consider what that means… then you may find it makes more sense than the idea of a God who gives you only one chance at this existence regardless of the situation you were born into – and you better get it right!! Just ponder on what that means and see how it feels. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your belief in God, we all have a higher someone watching over us, but I will leave that alone and allow your own heart to feel into whatever is right.